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Welcome to My Collage Page

This is just my collection of stuff I've
found during my wanderings on the net.
Things that I'm interested in... hobbies,
my friends, things that express who I am.
I hope you keep coming back and visiting..
things will be changing alot as I find
more links and things...and please..I
like let me know what ya


Here are some chatrooms I've visited. Have fun with these! Beauty's Castle The Chathouse The Jabberwocky The Chatter CyberSalem Fantassia's Palace
Poolside Chat CabinEssence The Cave




One of the things I've always loved to do is read. Here are some links to pages I have found to some of my favorites authors.

Stephen King Links...still checking these out! I'm a big King fan...books and movies!! The Dannielle Steel Web Site A must see for Steel fans! Francine Rivers She writes very good historicals... I've got a couple more I'd like to add but haven't found them on the web yet..... John Grishom, Frank Perretti, Anne Rule...






          A big interest of mine is natural healing/
           herbology/homoepathy.  This stuff amazes me!!
          It's always been here; yet we buy the 
           manmade stuff that can be just as harmful to 
           us than what it's supposed to help take care of!
          Here's some of the links I like to go to besides 
           my own resources..


                      Henriette's Herbal Homepage

                      The Share Guide

                      Kathie's Herb Page

                      Homeopathy Home Page






           Yup, I'm collecting them, don't know why....
           The collection is getting bigger so I made them a page 
           of their own...besides, they were slowing up the
           loading if you want to see them....
           Click Here.
           Oh and I left Justy here to keep watch and let ya know
           they're still here!      

Thought I would throw some links in here... Endangered Species National Geographic Night Creatures of the Kalahari Wild Wolves Shark Attack! Kingdom of the Seahorse



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