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                       Big girls don't cry!
                  That's what I've always been told.
                    I learned to keep my feelings
                     Hidden from the world---

                    No one was allowed to see,
                No one would ever know of my pain...
                   "Crying is a sign of weakness"
                       Or so I was told---

                        Who said that?!?
                          My Mother?
                          My Father?
                    Did they even have any idea
                 Of what they were talking about?!?

                        I was very sad---
                         For so long---
                 I didn't know what happiness was!
                    I didn't know how to smile!

             I never let anyone see the pain inside of me....
                      I was so depressed---
                     I had nowhere to turn---
                      I thought that life was
                   A game that people played---
                    I didn't want any part of it!

               Some people think I'm cold and harsh---
                  They think that I have no Heart!
                    They see the outer shell---
                   They don't really know me....

                         I look outside
                          I see the rain
                    It looks like all of my tears!
               They've been stored in a safe place---- 
                        For many years!

                      The tears fall freely...
                   I cry just for the sake of crying!
                     I cry when I'm happy---
                      Cry when I'm sad---
                   No one can tell me to stop!!!

                                                   by Ida