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           My body lays there stiff as a board
           Where were you my dear Lord
           I was so scared I just couldnít move
           All this pain, what did it prove
           Feeling sad, run and hide from them
           Why do I feel dirty now, that was then

           I ache and quiver remembering the pain
           To this day I feel that I am to blame
           Go away leave me alone donít touch me
           Iím a little girl you should just let be
           Where was my protector when I was little
           They should have been there right in the middle

           My legs shake my body aches in pain
           All I felt was so much terrible shame
           What have I done to hurt like this
           Sometimes it was just a simple little kiss
           There was nowhere to run nowhere to cry
           They always found me, and I would ask why

           I could have I would have said no
           Being that young, didnít matter though
           Do as your told, shut your yap
           Or you will end up in the deep dark trap
           What did I do to be treated like this
           I thought love began with a kiss

           Donít do that it will take you there
           Places of horror, so do be aware
           A touch, a hug, that meant more
           It did happen behind that closed door
           I was little frightened and alone
           Listening to them, when they would moan

           It made me sick I hate them all
           In the silent darkness no one to call
           My body was abused I didnít know
           In my memories it is a disgusting show
           Where was the cuddle the love I need
           All I heard laying there was him breathe

           That meant trouble what to do
           Canít move, couldnít run, just us two
           The touch I hated it, I felt sick
           I lay there still, didnít even kick
           I might die so donít even cry
           Wait until heís done, run and ask why
           Sitting in silence after it was done
           I can go and play, run and have fun

                                               Brenda Wisse