Just A Little Girl
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Just A Little Girl

                       He looked across the crowded room 
                       as she sat with all her friends. 
                       She shivered with a sense of doom 
                       and unknowingly tried to blend. 

                       Her skirt was short, her hair was long, 
                       She was pretty, sweet and young 
                       Why did she feel so guilty 
                       When she did nothing wrong 

                       As her brown eyes met his blue ones, 
                       his lips curled up to smile 
                       She looked away so quickly, 
                       but felt his stare awhile. 

                       She nervously sat waiting 
                       Her fingers twirled a curl 
                       Not knowing what she's hating 
                       because she's just a little girl. 

                       The strength of hairy arms 
                       The smell of liquored breath 
                       Hating that her charms 
                       could make her wish for death. 

                       He told her she was not to scream 
                       there was no one left to hear 
                       Instead she dreamt a special dream 
                       The one where there's no fear. 

                       Whispering, he then reminded her 
                       as he tugged upon a curl 
                       that no one would believe her 
                       as she was just a little girl.