A Crack in the Ice
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A Crack in the Ice


                Slowly, almost unseen to the human eye
                   The ice around her heart melts
                  The huge block develops a crack
                   The crack deepens and widens
                      And lets in the warmth

 Sometimes the crack fills with melted ice And suffers new blockage
                       But it slowly melts
                  And the crack widens and deepens
                    With the warmth of her tears

                 And some days, it touches her heart
                    Her soul, frozen deep inside
                      And set free and alive!
                     Yet still trapped inside 

                        And she knows
                       Only time will help
                     To thaw the rest of the ice
                         Surrounding her "self"
                          And set her free

                                        written and copyrighted by
                                          Carleen E. Ellis 1996.