Wilted Petals
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Wilted Petals

This page is for Sexual Abuse Survivor's Whatever I can find that is helpful to the healing of the abuse I will put on this page.......and yes...it's for my healing also. I have found some pages here on the net that have helped me tremendously with my journey and I want to share them with others. I hope you find something here that will help you with your healing, or help you understand and support someone with theirs. Sexual Abuse is widely spread and the damage it causes lasts for a lifetime.....there is never total healing for the victims. We survive it ... we don't know how we do it... or why sometimes... but we do. Some of the contents here can be triggering for some survivors, so be safe..you can always come back when you are stronger.

I Survived They took it from me A childlike innocence A feeling of trust A belief in fairness A true definition of love They gave it to me Pain and humiliation Confusion and fear Hatred of men Distrust, anger I gave them, unknowingly, unwillingly My virginity My self-respect My pride and dignity My promise of silence I kept for myself A determination to survive My sense of "ME" buried deep inside My soul, shredded but complete My instincts, unused but there They couldn't destroy me I survived And I'm stronger than ever

             I've added this bulletin board for your use. 
             Let me know if you find any others.
Survivors Staying Strong

     Here are some resourceful links that have been helpful to me.
Surviving Together
The House Mother Built
Climbing Out of the Spiral
Still Waters Run Deep

        Personal Homepages
Little Earthquakes
Susan Smiles
Beverly's Homepage
Welcome to My World

        Poetry and other writings from Survivors....
Just A Little Girl
Broken Children
A Crack in the Ice
The Haunting

       If there's anything you would like to talk about or just want to
       submit any of your personal poems, writings, or more links,
       just e-mail me at mysticflower@hotmail.com. I will 
       withhold names at your request.


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