Letting Go
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Letting Go

Inside me you lived,
For such a short time.
I gave my consent.
I committed a crime.

Life was a gift
That you didn't receive.
I loved you more
Then you'd ever believe.

Talking to you,
As I turn out the light,
"I love you. You know?
I miss you...Goodnight."

Now you are living
In a world up above.
I can't see you or touch you,
But I give you my love.

The Angel up there,
Who's hand that you hold;
She'll be watching you for me,
Until it's my hand you hold.

I'll see you one day,
When we meet in the sky,
"This hello is forever.
Never again a good-bye."

The pain I remember,
Of letting you go.
I think of you always.
I love you. You know?